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  • How do I steep the teas?
    Measure 1 tsp. of tea per 6 - 8 oz (1 Tbsp per qt) serving of fresh, cool, filtered water. Put the tea into your tea infuser, or tea bag. Temperature & Time Black, Oolong, Herbal & Rooibos teas (185-205 F) White & Green teas (170-185 F) Times Black & Oolong 3 - 5 min White & Green 2-3 min Herbal & Rooibos 5-7 min
  • Why is the temperature and time important?
    Tea leaves are delicate and can turn bitter easily if not steeped with the proper water temperature and if they are steeped too long. Longer steep times does not make your tea stronger, if you want stronger tea then add more tea leaves to your tea infuser device or tea bag.
  • Why can't I find caffeine free black or green tea?
    We strive for the purist form of teas. The best teas contain caffeine and the process to take the caffeine out takes away from the tea. If you need less caffeine. then, steep your tea the first time, dump out or save that tea for later then steep those leaves again for less caffeine. You can also try a Rooibos or Herbal tea for caffeine free options.
  • What is the difference between Black, Green, White, Oolong, Pu-ehr, Rooibos, and Herbal teas?"
    Black, Green, Oolong, White, Pu-ehr all come fromt the same Camillia sinensis plant. The difference is in how they are processed after the leaves are picked. Black teas are processed the longest. Rooibos and Herbal teas are not teas in the same since, they do not come from the Camillia sinensis plant. They are other types of plants or flowers used to make those types of teas and do not naturally contain caffeine.
  • Why should I buy loose leaf teas versus tea bags from the store?
    Loose leaf teas are the true tea leaf forms. You can see them, smell them, and see how they are. They are the best of the best. The teas you buy from the store or that are made at fast food restaurants or even coffee houses are made with 'scraps' of the tea left over. The parts of the tea leaves that were broken and crumbled and left over from the processing of the teas. They are bagged and sold all over and are sub-par to the tea you are getting from me. It is also why most of those teas taste bitter without sugar. Proper tea isn't bitter and will have a lot of flavor without sweetners.
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